25 February 2015

Semester Four

Class started on the 16th and I went back on the 23rd because it's Chinese New Year on the 19th but exceptions were given to the Chinese who celebrated CNY so they may go back a week later. However, the lecturers were quite harsh on us, especially when they expected us to know whatever stuffs they said in the previous class. Maybe some had asked the course mates but I was too busy to online most of the time and I barely have time to settle down to read an article. Ugh... Not to mention, I have classes from Monday to Saturday. How the hell am I supposed to go back to Ipoh with additional drama performance stuffs and also assignments which are starting to pile up. *sobbed* By the way, I got quite a good pointer for my finals last semester. *tears of joy*

Actually, I'm trying to organize and categorize the pictures but realized I haven't blog about them so I selected few and posted them up with captions. Yeah, I'm just that lazy. Blame it on menstruation and also, fever.

I have decided not to braid my hair for some time since there was a kid mistaken me as "aunty" for no reason when I was working for love. Fine, then his mother was another bitch who was blind and told her son to call me louder. Dafuq. I'm so sorry I look better than you without makeup while you have to slap an inch thick make up on your face to look like a hooker.

Then, I decided to cut my fringe to look "younger".

Fishtail braid attempt: fail? I think it's too thick.

Valentines' Day. We watched Triumph in the Skies before having lunch at Vivo. The movie was so-so since there were three main stories but there wasn't any connection between them. Sigh. And the lunch? Expensive. Edible, but expensive.

The next day, we tried the Yummy House cafe and the food was ordinary. And OMG, don't get me started on the snow ice. It was horrible. And definitely, we won't be going to that cafe next time.

We had beer feast with Sifu and Allen on Tuesday.

Reunion dinner with family :)

I wore cheongsam on the first day of CNY
when going to church for CNY Mass
and thank goodness I hadn't gone TOO bulky
or else I couldn't fit into the dress.

Yes, I wore make up when I was wearing the cheongsam
so I didn't remove the make up when I changed.
I spent the rest of the day with love.

First, we had Thai massage.

After changing and waiting in the room.

We watched Kingsman: The Secret Service.
The movie was WOW!
Two fatties taking picture ==

I watched the second movie with his mother and sister.
Dragon Blade.

We ended the day with ABC.

Manicure done on CNY Day 2 by yours truly.

Eyes, Nose, Lips.

I visited Kelly at night and Kryss got crazy after 2 bottles of Apple Cider.
Penny joined us later and we had fireworks.

 CNY Day 3. Numbers.
We visited his relatives and I got a lot of angpaus.
Ngek ngek ngek~

I didn't take any pictures on CNY Day 4 since I fell sick right after Mass and I was in a high fever state when I reached love's house. Then I cried and freaked him out since the heat was overwhelming. In the end, he fed me medicine through his mouth =3=

Oh, look! I bought a pair of Stitch slippers when I walked past a shop. 
It was freaking cute!

Okay, that was all for the post. My fever came again and I should stop typing and go to rest. Or do something worthwhile like watching video or something else. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Bye.

You may laugh me at my weakest, hurt me when I'm vulnerable
 but I will be like a phoenix,
reborn from the ashes,
destructible, invincible, immortal, fresh, new and young again.

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