9 February 2015

23 Months

December was quite a busy month for me, to procrastinate. I had finals on 29th and the week before was the study week. I spent my day time dating and studied at night, although my studying time was more to procrastinating. Old habits die hard. However, I had a date with Kelly and Kryss at Starbucks on the start of my study week to catch up with each other. It had been quite some time and we didn't manage to take picture because we were too immersed in chatting.

The next day, I went to my brother's clinic with Eberwein to have our blood tested. After that, we had lunch at Snow Fusion. The waiter asked about my love since I had always went there with him instead of other people.

I think that was the day I dated love with make up on my face. Normally I wouldn't make up because we didn't go anywhere and the weather was always so freaking hot I ended up sweating like crazy. Since we were off to watch movie, I decided to make up and seduce him XD

I kidnapped my roommate back Ipoh after our major papers on the 31st so she could celebrate New Year with me in my room, watching Squid Girl while drinking beer. Hahaha~ Then I brought her around for sightseeing and let her got tickled by the hoglets.

Oh, I bought a gift for love when I was shopping with Natasha. He wanted this collection but didn't manage to buy the set since it was quite pricey. And I made a corner bookmark to go with the novel.

Once my semester break started, I had dinner date with Kelly and Kryss at Zento Sushi and then second round with Sherilyn and her boyfriend at Something's Brewing. The gathering was fun.

The day after I had gotten back from Pangkor Island, I had a date with Rosalyn, aka Bear Bear. I brought her to buy stuffs before giving her one of the hoglets. I was glad her family loved the hoglet. I hadn't find a time to visit him because I was too busy. I missed the baby.

So, I went for rebonding a week before my first dip dye. It was hidden underneath since I couldn't risk dip dyeing the entire bottom length of my hair due to university rules. Introducing my hairstylist: Henry Choong.

Okay, I think I'm running out of things to say already. So I'd end the blog post with a mosaic picture of my love because he said he looked ugly in the picture. Hehe. Happy 23rd Monthsary. I love you.

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