30 January 2015

Pangkor Honeymoon

Here goes the first post of the year and it is about my honeymoon to Pangkor Island more than a week ago when love had nights off. Like, FINALLY! Anyways, he gave me two options: whether to go to Cameron Highlands or Pangkor Island. Firstly, I thought of going to Cameron since the weather was scorching hot but Pangkor has beaches! Goodness. I was torn in between. In the end, we decided to go Pangkor since I had already packed my swimming suit.

We started our journey after he brought his car for service and helped the hedgehogs bathe. When we reached Lumut, we were introduced to pick hotel and booked a motorcycle. After that, we took the ferry to Pangkor Island, which took about 30 minutes.

We checked in at Coral Bay Hotel
and went off to search for activities at beaches. 

We stopped by a tower which overlooked the sunset.

Before we had dinner, we had fun on the swing. 

Waiting for our food to come...

Food! Yummy food!

Love was extracting the meat from the crab
since he knew I was super lazy to do so myself. 

However, he himself is also a lazy pig.

Therefore, it was so touching to see him prying the shells apart
to extract the meat for me.

The hotel we stayed in has a large swimming pool.

We turned in for the night after dinner but we went out for burger hunting because love was hungry. And some time during dinner, I threw my contacts because my eyes were watering due to the motorcycle ride. There was something in my eyes even if I removed the contacts but it wasn't as irritating as the time when I had my contacts on. So the pictures below go on with me looking like crap because I was half blind due to absence of contacts and I didn't really have enough sleep. Ugh.

The next day, we had our free breakfast in the hotel.

Our first journey: a temple...

Just for the sake of the view...

We stopped by satay factory and took pictures...

Inside the factory...

At the back of the factory...

Is it edible?

Macam yes.
He was pretending to be packing...

Oh, did I mention this was my first time
having my love fetching me with motorcycle?
 It was fun, to be able to molest him from behind.

This was a traditional boat building place...

This was, so far, the best and loveliest place we have been to in Pangkor Island.
The Dutch Fort.
And I'll just let the picture do the talking instead of putting captions...

After the photoshooting session, we returned the motorcycle and had lunch somewhere near the jetty. We missed the ferry and had to stay for another half and hour so we decided to have dessert while waiting.

The famous pink vans in Pangkor Island.
Those rich people or people who had zero knowledge of riding motorcycle
would book the van for tour.
It was quite pricey though, having to pay RM80 for two hours. 

Last, but not least, I hurt my finger
when I was having fun at the swimming pool.
Okay, I got naughty and slid down the children's slide.
So, I ended up hurting myself since the kid's pool was shallow.

Oh, I had dinner with love's family after we got back from the trip.
The dinner was delicious.

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